Things I miss when I run windows.

I work in a Microsoft Windows shop providing support for the Windows desktop. I also do support work on the side. Whenever I am working in windows I find there are things that I take for granted but are missing in windows.

Sometimes, it will be some feature my window manger of choice, Fluxbox offers. Sometimes it is workflow related. As I go from File Manger, to Web Browser, to Command Prompt, cutting and pasting text, missing features plague me. Other times I will be talking with an end user and realize I want to show them something that would take 15 seconds to do in Linux but will take several minutes to do in Windows.

Here is a list of 10 such annoyances. I will cover each of these in more detail in the weeks to come.
  1. Software Repositories
  2. Virtual Desktops
  3. Scrollable volume control
  4. Dock-apps
  5. The ability to work with ISOs (master, mount and burn)
  6. Select to copy, middle click to paste
  7. Ssh
  8. Sshfs and fuseFS in general
  9. Virtual Displays
  10. Drop down terminal

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