Dancing with the Devil

One of the things I have always wanted do with this blog is share more information about Slax and Porteus Linux. The problem is I have made several custom modules and without providing access to the modules there is not much point in talking about these things.

I have had a need for online storage. Someplace that would be around for a long time so the links won't expire. Services like Rapidshare won't work. Without a paid account any files that I upload that are not accessed after several months are removed. So that won't work for me.

What I need is someplace that is permanent, easy for people to download from, allows me to store files that are up to 300 megs (the size of a customized Slax iso file), and has a large enough capacity to hold all of my files. I am glad to say that I have found a service that fits the bill.

It is ... Drum roll please...

Microsoft Skydrive

Yes, I am now dancing with the devil. However it does bring us to an interesting point. I will be able to post these files for the long term on the Internet thanks to Microsoft. Microsoft is now my partner in promoting Linux.

Microsoft, welcome to team Linux.

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